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The Constitution of India came into existence after extensive and thorough discussions and debates of the constituent assembly more famously known as the Constituent Assembly debates. The objective of the club is to engage in discussions and to critically examine the reasoning behind each and every article. The members aim to conduct a dedicated study of the Constitution of India with emphasis on the coming years and to constantly endeavor to recognize the short comings of the present law in successfully implementation of the values enshrined in the Constitution.

The Constitution Club includes one Faculty coordinator along with students who engage in discussions and organize events for the rest of the students. The objectives of the Club includes providing further insight into current research practices regarding the Constitution, its founding principles and working.

Every person on the planet is vested with a supreme duty of protecting Mother Nature. It is also one of the Fundamental Duties that has been enshrined in the Constitution under article 51A(g). The Environmental Club at Kristu Jayanti Law of College promotes awareness of and takes initiatives to care for the environment through activities such as planting trees, anti-littering, anti-smoking, save water campaigns and promoting recycling. This club also disseminates environmental awareness through its association with various other organizations which work towards the same.

The Human Rights Club established in Kristu Jayanti College of Law seeks to promote the ideology of equality to which all human beings are entitled to without discrimination. In this endeavor the Club organizes, seminars workshops and campaigns to bring about Human rights awareness. The Protection of Human Rights Act 1993 clearly lays down what the framers of the Constitution envisaged when they defined Human Rights under Sec 2(d) of the Protection of Human Rights Act. The club also has extensive discussions on the expanding meaning of the term ‘human rights’ and it also discusses the latest judgments and amendments.

Public policy is a branch of study which deals with the guided action taken by the administrative and executive branch of the state which is constant with the law and institutional conventions which is based on a set of principles generally unwritten on which the laws are based. The objective of Public Policy is to inform the state, about the new dynamic challenges that appear in the society and how it could respond to the same. The objective of public policy club is to enable students to learn about the various strategies for making such public policy and enablement to learn the basics of legislation. Making of policy requires clear formulation, there is demand for trained professionals who will be able to design, implement and evaluate policies.

'Nyaya Samvada' by Prof. (Dr.) T. R. Subramanya, Dean, CMR University, School of Legal Studies, Bengaluru, Former, Vice Chancellor, Karnataka State Law University on the theme: An Overview on International Trade Law and WTO, on 22nd May, 2024. | Admission 2024: Next Counselling will be held on 20th May 2024 Apply Online |

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